Susan Woodward
Winchester, Virginia

Bio: I belong to Jesus Christ. I live my life to serve others as a daughter of the most high! I have been married to Kent who is an amazing Care Pastor for 30 years. I am a mother to five beautiful gifts and a Mimi to one little princess. I have also been a Foster mom to many children over the course of 14 years. I have been greatly blessed by a loving and supportive extended family and have the best parents on earth. I have served in various ministries my entire life. I have a great love and burden for the youth of this generation. I have been living out my passion as a foster/adopt parent for twelve years. I have trained, recruited and mentored many others through our local DSS. I have led a small group for women who share my passion for hurting children for nine years. I love to encourage and hope to inspire others through my life and experiences. I've mastered home administrating, love to write in my spare time, and juggling a busy schedule has become part of my life. I live life cherishing the moments I have with all those who surround me. I love to laugh while making the best of this crazy life I've been given. Most importantly....I am extremely thankful everyday for Gods Amazing Grace! I pray this blog brings encouragement as we "together" fill our minds with TRUTH, fill our hearts with LOVE and fill our lives with SERVICE. Enjoy!

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