Dear Nieces and Nephews.

Near and far. 

I’m sitting here thinking…reflecting…praying for each one of you. 

I’m thankful for each one of you and who each of you are. Each of you are special in your own unique way.  As I reflect…I can’t help but think of your losses, your goals, your accomplishments, your struggles, your hurts, your gifts and your talents. Some of these things about you I know very well and some of these things I can really only wonder…and pray for you! 

I want you to know you each bring me happiness. You make me laugh and just thinking about you makes me smile. There’s not one thing you could do, that would stop me from wanting the best for you. I love to see you, to hear from you, to catch up, read posts, share pictures and to share life’s moments with you. (the good and the bad)  I am thankful God gave me each of you and I will never hold the title of being your “Aunt” lightly.  It really is a title that brings me great joy!

If there is only one thing that you could learn from me, I hope it would be this…

Nobody…yes NOBODY!! Has or ever will, love you like Jesus. Not your parents, your best friend, your guy or girl friend or even your spouse. Your children that adore you, admire you and look up to you, could never love you like Him. His love is indescribable, unmeasurable, and undeniable! It truly is the greatest love of all…

Life can fail you, friends will hurt you, loss can consume you and pain can be way too real. But…You are never alone! He is greater than all of lifes messes and He will direct you always…as you seek Him. I know too well through my own mistakes and struggles that He is the only answer to life’s problems, and He is the only one to fill an empty void that maybe present. Trust Him.  

And so, I have decided to make this my prayer for each of you…

I pray the Lord blesses you and that each of your lives bring Him glory. That you are a light to others in this dark world and a reflector of His love to all those you meet. I pray you have strength to face each day, because some are much harder than others. That you live life to the fullest, enjoying the people in life, that surround you. I pray you are wise in your choices and a positive influence on the road that you walk. I ask the Lord to protect you daily, provide peace when needed, give courage when necessary and multiply your gifts and talents. May you seek His presence often, live by His truth, grow in your faith and personally experience His saving grace. 

And I pray to be here for you…to the very best of my ability…pointing you to the one… who will never leave you or forsake you and has the perfect plan for your lives!  

I Love You, 

Each One of You, 

Forever ❤️

Aunt Sue 

A letter to my Nieces and Nephews.

4 thoughts on “A letter to my Nieces and Nephews.

  1. Beautifully written, as always!! I am feeling kind of blue this morning since it is my mom’s birthday. She has been gone for 25 years (this August) and I still miss her so. We were not a close mother-daughter and many would find it odd that I miss her so much, but only those who have lost their mom would understand. I find that sometimes I even pick up the phone and dial her number without thinking and then…..feeling very foolish and emotional…..I hang up. I found this blog particularly encouraging simply because mom was so closely connected to my nieces and nephews. I lived several hundred miles from “home” so whenever I was there mom had cookouts, dinners, etc. and everyone gathered at our home and it was family time. I love my nephews and nieces so much and can so relate to the beautiful wishes you have for yours. Your advice is perfect and surely worth passing along. I am going to “share” and hope they read this. Even though they are my brother’s children, I feel so connected to them, just as if they were mine.
    May you have a very blessed day sweet lady. Thank you again for a beautiful and uplifting blog that I believe God directed me to because He knew it was just what I needed to read. Love you much.

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    • Thank you Dona I can’t imagine loosing and missing my mom but I do miss my nieces and nephews and know how difficult it is to be away from some of their life events. You have a beautiful, giving and loving heart full of nurture…and I just know you love your nieces and nephews and wish them the very best of Gods goodness! Thanks for sharing and also for your kind words of encouragement as I share from my heart! Love you!


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