You are a Magnum Opus!

imageDare to be You!

Just the way that God has created YOU to be!

There is only one of YOU uniquely designed by the Master Creator…to be YOU!

You have your own interests, talents and gifts.  You have your own likes and dislikes. You have your own personality and perception.  You have your own look, your own set of opinions and your own divine purpose in serving Him!

Don’t cover up, hide, and try to be like someone else. Do not envy the talents and gifts of others!

Embrace yourself ….Embrace the uniqueness of how you were formed….Embrace that YOU are YOU for a reason. You have a purpose and He has a perfect Plan for you.

No one the Lord designed was a misfit, none of His plans were an afterthought and nothing He has created needs to be tweaked or changed!

You are a Magnum Opus!   ~meaning: A Great Work of Art!!   


Designed by the Master of all Artists!

He has made NO mistakes in His creation and handiwork.

You are a Beautiful Masterpiece!

So, Live Fully……Daring To Be YOU!