The ABC’s of parenting….my style!

Attitude- look at yours first it may improve your child’s.
Believe– believe in your ability to parent. You were chosen!
Choices- Consequences-Consistency– make sure you give them. Especially to that strong willed child.
Determination- don’t take your job lightly. Parent with your eyes fixed heavenly!
Energy- make sure you have it no matter how you get it. You’ll need it!  I love my coffee!
Faith- there will be plenty of moments you’ll live by faith alone!
Guilt- don’t hold on to it.  When you can’t “hold it back any more”…Learn to “let it go!”
Hurdles- you’ll face them. Run fast and jump high!  (no really, lay on the ground, face first and Pray, Pray, Pray!!) 
Instincts- you’ve been given these for a reason. So, trust them.
Joy- remember joy always comes in the morning even after that manic Monday!
Kayleigh- did you know I have a granddaughter? Someday you’ll be a grandparent too! Don’t think that far ahead! Live in the moment with your child! They grow up way too fast. Time is precious!
Love- the greatest of all. I LOVE YOU needs to be said and shown often! Be creative with how you express it!
Morals- clearly define them! Proverb 22:3 Train them up in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it.
Organization– have a list for everything! But don’t stress if it takes all week or all month to accomplish. It’s ok if you have to throw one away!
Popular-  You are the parent first so don’t worry about being or doing whats popular!
Quiet- find moments of this often, even if you have to lock yourself in the closet or take a drive by yourself!
Rest- however you can get it, make it your best friend!
Silliness- laugh often! With your child and at yourself! Find times to bring out and enjoy the silly card!10372776_10202992688049686_6624395695891948821_n
Tantrum- well, maybe you should never have these…but count to ten and leave the room if you think you’re going too!
Understanding- try…I repeat, pretty please try, to understand their point!  You don’t have to agree with it. It can be dead wrong. But it matters to them that you TRY to understand them.
Victory- celebrate all of them! The small ones are just as important.
Worship– teach them to praise and worship God! Show them you know how to worship him with your life, words and actions!
X-rated- stay away from anything you wouldn’t say, do, watch or read in front of them. You are their rating scale!
You- be YOU! God created you uniquely and entrusted you with your “little you”.  So trust Him in his perfect plan and shine on!

Zebra- don’t you just love zebra’s?  That’s Z end!

As you parent you will develop a parenting style that works best for you and your husband. Just remember to work together and keep working! What a blessing children are and God has given to you!  Don’t beat yourself up when things are hard or didn’t go as you intended. No parent is perfect and everyone needs to pick them self up and start over from time to time. Keep in Gods word, pray and seek him for guidance.

You can do it!  

I am here alongside of you, trying just as hard to further his kingdom one child at a time!