Mommy. Mom. Mother. Friend


Thank you for planning and preparing for me so tenderly before you ever even met me.

Thank you for showing me “my first love” starting with my very first breath.

Thank you for letting me be creative, explore the world around me and grow into my own little person.

And thank you for shielding me from things that could have harmed me and for introducing me to Jesus.


Thank you for laughing, playing and encouraging me to always look at the positive in a very negative world we live in.

Thank you for teaching me, encouraging me and pointing me in the right direction when things were not always clear.

Thank you for including God in everything and helping me to put Him first in my life.

And thank you for showing me the importance of family, commitments, honesty, and integrity.


Thank you for always believing in me, even through the times that I have failed you and I have doubted myself.

Thank you for praying, trusting God and keeping your faith, through your own storms. You have set a wonderful example of perseverance to follow.

Thank you for loving my husband, encouraging my children, and supporting our family like you do.  Your love has beautifully multiplied over the years.    

And thank you for being there for me, (distance isn’t as hard) because you have always made yourself available no matter what.   

My friend,

Thank you for all of the silly, singing, dancing, laughing till we cry, or crying until we laugh moments that we’ve shared. 

Thank you for lifting me up when i’ve fallen,  for speaking wisdom from your heart and for sharing the word of God into my spirit.

Thank you for understanding the importance of “our time” together. Over the years, we have experienced many irreplaceable moments together because of this.

And thank you for being a person without judgement, a friend without drama and a consistent, confidential shoulder to lean on. 

I’m so thankful God made YOU for ME!
Me and MOM

You were first my Mommy,

And then became my Mom,

But forever you will be…

My Mother…and my Friend!   




Making “quiet moments” doesn’t take a cruise

Finding a place of solitude is hard. It’s even harder for a Mom. Little kids demand our presence with every wake moment. Older kids still need our constant supervision and guidance. And our young adults still manage to consume many portions of our days/nights as they continue to learn and grow.  Our early rising “quite times” can be thrown off just as quickly as our late evening “quite times.”  It is easy to be distracted with laundry, school papers and homework, house cleaning, and taking care of bills when you have a precious alone moment.  Remember…All of the other things that “have to be done” will be done. Eventually.

The most important thing you can do when a “quiet time” exists, sneaks up on you, or is strategically planned…is to soak in the presence of God.  Through prayer, His word, Thanksgiving and Praise you will become a better Mom…No really….YOU WILL Become a Better Woman!

Slow down and create calm quiet moments that will change your life and relationship with the Lord. It is in our unhurried moments that we can see and hear from Him clearly.  We connect best with our creator when the “craziness of life” is purposely put on hold. If we take the time to connect just for a moment…we may see others hurting, be aware that our husband needs encouragement, linger on each word spoken by our children and find joy in each sunset and sunrise He gives to us.

If Jesus needed solitude than surely we must!  We carry the weight of those we love and those who we are connected with and He carries the weight of the world! He found peace and time alone often.  (Matthew 4: 1-11)  (Luke 5: 16 and 6 :12)  (Mark 6:31)


Making quiet moments doesn’t take a cruise (although I did soak in the presence of the Lord like never before on such an amazing trip away with my husband for ten days) With each and every effort we make to create a moment of solitude…no matter how long it is (even if it’s just ten minutes) will bring us blessings, give us strength and wisdom.

Let your life be a reflection of taking many quiet moments.  It is in these moments that you will refuel.  You will not short change yourself or your families because you will receive the goodness, wisdom and insight that only our creator can give us.  Nothing is really more important. The laundry will always be there…the kids will always need you. Tuck yourself away in the closet, your car during a practice or a lunch break, or get a babysitter for an hour a week.

I have learned sometimes the hard way to take the solitude I (and you) so deserve and need…

I have been working on this my whole life…It started very young with reading my bible and writing. Sometimes writing just a prayer in my journal and other times my whole situation and frustrations came pouring out of me and onto the pages.  I admit that for periods in my life I have been really, really bad at taking the moments needed with my Savior.

Every day is a new day that I strive for “quiet moments” with Him and Him alone.  Look for them. They are there. Find direct messages from God in His word and from His voice as He speaks to you in your special times with Him.