This Picture Day Was Different

A great day for some pictures! So We Thought!

Sunday was a beautiful day out!  Amanda and I set out to take some Country shots of Kayleigh. Like many other times, her mom got her ready and we headed out with a goal in mind.

But….this picture day was different!  

Maybe, just maybe, this picture day was different because Kayleigh is now TWO!  Nothing comes too easily with her these days. She has a mind of her own and a little stubbornness mixed into all that sweetness of hers.

We were in a quiet area with nothing around us for distractions…..Yeah right!!

It was much different in the eyes of a two year old!  She wanted to touch, throw, walk through, sit in, and even EAT the snow that consumed her attention.  She found mailboxes to open, a fence to climb, sticks to play with, and puddles of mud to walk through….And Yes!!!  We were exhausted after only ten minutes!!!

She only peered into the camera with an actual smile ONE time that day…..

But later that night, while working on the hundred plus shots I had, I came to the conclusion that I actually liked the candidness of our adventure. One picture stood out the most. I couldn’t help but reflect on this scripture:

Psalms 25:4 Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths.

As she grows, the world will have many distractions. Like the sticks, mud puddles and mailboxes did this day.  There will be things that intrigue her just like the beautiful, cold, white snow she hadn’t experienced before. Things may draw her attention away from where her focus should be. Too many roads could bring her too many choices that may cloud her thoughts or actions.

I’ve decided that I’m not only keeping this picture…but I am blowing it up!

 Just for Mimi’s sake!

Kayleigh scripture

It will always remind me to pray this scripture over her in hopes that she can one day tuck it into her own heart. That she grows up loving the Lord and seeks him first for guidance and direction. That her path will always remain straight and narrow.  

So when life presents her with obstacles (and it will) and throws her some distractions (and it will) she will always remember to Ask The Lord to Show Her His Ways, and Teach Her His Paths.

A Picture Day Mess?

No Way!

It Was A Picture Day Success!