Truth.Love.Service : The Sweetness of Keepsakes

Today, I am thankful for a drawer that hadn’t been opened in a while….

My mom sent me pictures of a letter she found cleaning out her “keepsake drawer.”  I am pretty sure we all have a “keepsake place.”  You know?  That special place you keep the things you cherish from someone you love.

I too have a keepsake place. A labeled tote for each of my kids.  I add keepsakes to them often. They have all kinds of sweet memories in them….special baby items, pictures, trophies, homemade cards, school and church things, awards, certificates etc. But the things I cherish the MOST in those totes….are the keepsake items that have captured one of their heart changes. Their steps towards God!

There is nothing more special than a spiritual step that our child takes.  At any age or stage in their development it surpasses all the sweet words we receive from them about us.  When a child takes a spiritual step closer to the Lord, it’s a change that occurs in their heart. One that makes this Mamma’s heart proud!  And those heart changed moments… can never be…unchanged!

So the sweetness of what my mom found today, from my brother Bill who just recently passed away, reminded us both of how beautifully special it is to have a keepsake place.  It reassured her of what she already knew about her son because of the life he lived daily, but It was a precious reminder of a step he had taken so many years ago towards God.

I was so thankful to see and read the letter that she had kept in her perfect spot for so many years.  It had been Kept Safe…. Tucked Away….Cherished!  And as I read it for myself, tears rolled down my cheeks.  I knew exactly why she had saved it in her bedside drawer.  I too would have kept it.  It was written 28 years ago, after our family experienced the death of Bills best friend (It happened on Bills Birthday and David was our senior Pastors son) the letter she found expressed a heart change that had occurred in Bill.  It was an absolute keepsake item for any mother.  His relationship with the Lord had grown stronger despite the pain he had gone through during such a great loss.  His prayers increased and his relationship with Christ had also grown.  I pray that through my brother’s death, I too have a strengthened walk and a greater relationship with the Lord.  

Having that letter was definitely….a keepsake to cherish back then.

And today….having it to hold and read….is “A Sweet Keepsake Find!”

I went ahead and retyped the letter (hers has already become worn) and I have added it to my recently new keepsake spot that I have created for my brother. This “keepsake find” was just another one of many ways that God has shown us his Goodness and Grace through death.

It was a reminder for me to continue to cherish the steps my children take in their walk with the Lord and to remember that Every One Of Those Steps Is...“KEEPSAKE” WORTHY!

Today, God used a simple letter to minister to us. It was written to the elders of the church because he was taking the next step in his relationship and commitment to the Lord. He was joining and becoming a member of the church we had grown up in. There is no doubt that the letter will remain special to my parents.  But today, it has become a “Sweet New Keepsake” for me!

The Following was written by: Bill Douglas Baas in 1987 


      I have been going to Third ever since I can remember.  When I think back to the old church I remember how my church friends were those you only saw on Sunday.  I used to look forward to going to church to romp around and play with my buddies in the hallways after morning service. That was then. But now we have a better facility and an opportunity to make many more friends.  Not only Sunday friends, but weekday friends too. Before youth group my Christian attitude and development was weak and slow.  Since youth group I have grown in faith and as a high school freshman many of my friends and I confessed our faith unto the Lord before you all.   I believe it was the fellowship of Christian young people that brought us closer to God and our heartfelt discussions on Christian development that caused us to unite in Christ.

     Now I am a senior and I see a scary road ahead of me. College, work, and freedom in the world.  I pray for success and for help to make the right decisions in life.  I trust the Lord will steer me in the right direction.  This year, my senior year has been my most trying year before the Lord. Christ has put me through the test-How strong am I?  or how willing am I to serve?  As you all know, the Lord took David to be with him. David and I were truly brothers in Christ and we felt it when we were together. We had fun the way fun was meant to be. But now David is gone. I have come closer to God through his death.

      When I pray now my heart opens gladly to talk with God and share my pain and sorrow, just as easily as sharing my happiness and thanksgiving. Before I was concerned with dying but now I have the assurance as to where I’ll go and that’s what it’s all about!  Praise the Lord!

Every heart change and decision our children make in their walk with the Lord is a “keepsake!”

Encourage “keepsake” moments in your child’s life by involving them in church and helping them with their spiritual development. Encourage their relationship with the Lord and create an importance and an involvement for the things of God.

Then……Go Ahead Tuck It Away! So you can Cherish Them Forever!