Does Your Life Have A Message?

Are the things you hold of importance in life, life changing to others?  

Who do you inspire to be like?

Do you have a message to share? Or are you inspiring anyone?

To Inspire means:  to fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence; to produce or arouse a specified feeling, thought, etc.; 

your life

The Bible was inspired by a divine influence. The writings were inspired by God. And oh what a message it is!

 The 12 disciples were inspired and became Jesus followers. They trusted and believed  in His wonderful message. And it was one of His Amazing Grace!

 I am inspired by a God who promises me an eternal future. He is creating in me a wonderful message, which I can only pray reaches others, as I live by Truth, Love and Service!

So, does your message share Hope?

Is it Inspiring anyone to know Jesus and transform their life?

Make a choice to make your message matter! 

Lord,  Use us to inspire others to want to know you personally. Let our lives (at all times and in all things) share the message of you alone. Your love, Grace and Mercy. Forgive us for when we miss the mark and our words or actions distort our true life message of you. Help us to be better at reading your word more often and living your beautiful message more boldly. Create in us clean hearts oh God. Guide and direct us in the way that you want us to go….so that when we draw others to you, we also bring you all the glory deserved.