Love is a Verb!

Love a Verb

The opportunities are endless!  We should be praying and looking for ways every day to put LOVE in Action.  They are all around us.  And after all….Love is a verb!

Everyone needs to be encouraged and deserves to be told they are loved. But when we choose to put our Love In Action we are making a conscious effort to Show Love through an Act of Service.  This Kinda Love can leave people speechless….

Examples of Actions of Love:

-becoming aware of a need and making a way to fulfill it is an Action of Love.

-facilitating a need to be met through others is an Action of Love.

-choosing to do something for someone to brighten there day is an Action of Love!

-making, creating or working on something for someone else is an Action of Love!

-visiting, teaching or helping someone is an Action of Love!

Christ Love was and still is an Action! He brought sight to the blind, made the lame walk and healed the sick, just to mention a few. He still puts His Love in Action for US every day!  As our provider, healer, protector…..

Nobody will ever put their Love in Action like He does for US!  He fulfilled our greatest need when He died on the cross to save us from our sin!

Wow! ~ Talk about Love in Action!  Nothing can separate us from that kind of Love…..EVER!

It’s an Act of Love that leaves us speechless! It is indescribable and way too hard for us to even begin to comprehend.

His Action of Love for us was full of….Forgiveness….Love….Mercy…. and His Amazing Grace!!

Each one of us can put our Love in Action far more often than we actually do.  We often fail to meet a need.  Sometimes we put ourselves first, or are just too busy to fulfill an opportunity to Show Christ Love!   But remember, His Love shines through us every time we Act on Love.  So, be careful not to miss the mark.  Be aware of those around you.  Watch for simple ways to make a difference in some ones day.  Sometime God places an opportunity right before you.  Pray that He reveals them to you and that you remain open to putting His Love… That Is In You…into Action.

When you step out, take action and make love more than a word, it becomes just that…More Than a Word!

Doing little is much if God is in it!

Let His Love….

The Greatest Love of All…

Shine through your Actions of Service to others…

Put His Love in Action today!

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  1. This is an awesome reminder of Jesus’ love. Jesus is action. Oh to love like Jesus. Not just to love and care for the lost, but to love and care for one another. After all, we are family. And Jesus laid out the instructions on how to love one another.

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