As difficult as it is for me to start my mornings without my “wake up” coffee, I CAN do it.  

To have a full day of not checking things off of a “to do list” is a challenge, but it too has been accomplished.

I can go without my phone (and that’s a hard one) my iPad, the internet and even the TV and somehow I can still make it through the day.   

As crazy as it makes me to go to bed with dishes in the sink, or laundry in the dryer,  I have done it. Often. And I Am Still Sane!

There are many things that I have no problems letting go of…..

And there are  many things that I’ve had to learn to live without. 



        He lives deep within me     

And His presence is felt all around me.

I thank Him for each day as I rise

And I praise Him when I lay my head to rest.

I cannot go without Him…

I have seen Him move in many lives

And I have watched Him graciously move in death.

I hear Him in the laughter of children

And I see Him through acts of compassion and giving.

I cannot go without Him…

I seek Him for guidance with every step that I take

And I try to humble myself as I let His light shine.

I need His Wisdom and His Love

And I am thankful for His Mercy and Grace.

I just can’t go without Him…

He is my Comfort and my Strength 

My Hope  

My Friend

My Healer and My Rock

I cannot go a SINGLE MOMENT in ANY DAY without…..MY JESUS!

He is My Everything!!!