Love People Not Things

Just in case you missed it….
Love People Not Things!

Truth. Love. Service


 People were created to be loved

Things were created to be used

Think of how our world would be if everyone changed so that

Things were not being loved

And People were not being used.


People NOT things matter! It is not WHAT we have in our lives, but WHO we have in them that truly matters.

Why work so hard for the things we cannot keep. Why waste another dollar striving for one more thing. Is it worth the cost of everything else?  No matter how hard we work….”Things” cannot give us what people can.  We were created to LOVE.  Love others.  Not things.  A precious God given moment with someone cannot be bought or replaced.  So be careful how you view what is most important….   

Live fully in each happy given moment and just as fully when you are persevering through a test or trial.  Hold…

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4 thoughts on “Love People Not Things

  1. Thanks Susan! that is so inspiring. It is so exciting to find out what other people are doing for the Lord. I read your About section but am too new at this to comment there. Not sure how I landed up here either but keep up the good work and stay close to the Lord.

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