Reach for and cling to that dream!

Most of us have them. DREAMS.

 Dream – Something good you hope for or want to achieve in the future

We grow up creating them on our own or trying to live out ones that have been planted inside of us by others. We REACH towards them differently depending on where we are in life and what is happening around us.  We can be reaching forward with very little excitement, while in the very next moment, be reaching with an aching desperation to achieve it. In order for you to obtain it one day, you just have to keep reaching!   

There may be times we have to CLING to them. Not just REACH, but actually CLING to them.  

Life’s circumstances and obstacles can make us feel as if our dreams are slipping away or too far out of our grasp. The deliberate steps we choose and take forward can seem to only be moving us backwards. But keep stepping! Keep reaching! Keep clinging!  

It’s quite often that we need to lean on others as we move towards achieving our dreams. It’s ok. Adding a friend to dream with you will help you when you stumble or fall. It will also give you a person to rejoice with and encourage your every step along the way.  Be aware of the connections that God places in your life as you reach for and cling to whatever your dream is. Having others in your life to share it with, will help in the “waiting periods” that you may have to encounter. Trust Gods plan. Never doubt that he can take your dream and make it something more than you could have ever imagined.  

I’ve dreamed. I’ve reached for… and I’ve clung to many different dreams over the years. I am so thankful for a God that is faithful and believes in me! He believes in you too! 

He believes in us way more than we could ever believe in ourselves. He created us. He knows what we are capable of. And we can do all things through him.  He already knows the outcomes of the dreams that we are reaching for. He will be there to guide us. Seek him.  Some of our dreams may become distant memories for us before God chooses to reveal them to us again. Trust that his timing is perfect. Reach for and cling to that Dream!

I’m moving forward. Reaching and Clinging.

And I am trusting God with great anticipation!