Sharing…..Evelyn’s Story!

Just a quick blog post to share with you another fellow Christian blogger….I came in contact with her blog through one of my assignments and instantly loved her heart and her beautiful message.

Evelyn’s Story ~is shared in full if you click on the link and pay her blog a visit. I’ll just tell you that she is a 21 year old college student studying Communication. I connected with her and her heart felt writings on several different levels. I read through her blogs and checked out her website and thought it would be great to share her love of the Lord with others. I actually couldn’t wait to share her here with you!

I too am an ordinary person serving an extraordinary God! I too can relate to the Lords ability to use your gifts and talents in ways you may have never imagined. There is no measure in what He can do with us….if we choose to let Him work!

Most importantly… I also write to encourage people to fully surrender to Jesus. That they may live significantly and abundantly in His embrace forever!  Writing about Truth.Love.Service is my passion and heart! I read many things in her blogs that made me believe she also shares truth, love and service. I hope she blesses you as she did me.

So friends, (young ladies especially)….follow along with her blog. Her latest series written called Warning: Guard YOUR heart is worth a quick coffee break. So go ahead…enjoy a sweet neighbor’s (classmates) blog!


My passion comes alive right here!

This blog was an assignment…YES I am taking a class and am truly learning a lot! After all, I created this site and made my own business cards etc. months ago just after finishing my first book (still in the publishing works) and I did it all on my own.  NO WAY is That True!!!! I have truly been guided and directed by God alone as He has moved me forward in ways and areas that were once very frightening to me! The saying old dogs can learn new tricks…well, It’s true! LOL Young or old, we can all persevere with our dreams and make them realities! Have faith! God uses each and every Gift and Talent…and Person!

 So since you’ve been reading or following me….please give some much appreciated feedback. Would you rather all my blogs stay on one topic?  I write now according to what ever the Lord has placed on my heart. And because my life is all about Truth, Love and Service… these are the things I love to share about.

BUT….Is there a particular subject you’d like me to write about? Or is there anything about my blog that you feel would greatly improve it? Questions, Comments, Insights etc. are always welcomed here.

THANK you friends on social media…..You have my heart!   

8 thoughts on “Sharing…..Evelyn’s Story!

  1. Hi Susan, I am happy to read whatever God has placed on your heart rather than one topic. I like the fact that your posts are not too long but are nevertheless edifying. I would just like to point out one tiny thing. The sentence you have above the reply box (I love the sentiment) has “here” when I think you meant “hear”.
    I also like the piece you’ve put in explaining that this is an assignment. Did you type it out just for this one or have you managed to get it into all your assignments in which case, please tell me how.

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    • Thank you for the “here” “hear” insight. Definitely over looked on my part! And I did only type out the “Assignment piece” on this one blog! Just to let my readers know a little bit more about me! Thank you for reading! I’ll shoot over to your blog today as well!

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  2. I just read a few of your blog posts and was very encouraged to find another sister in the Lord openly sharing her faith and promoting others as well. I will be coming back to check out your blog in the future. BTW I admin a Facebook group called The Godly Home along with my husband and Melanie Young (her and her husband, Hal, have written several books on raising boys and travel the country encouraging other homeschool parents) and if you would like to share your blog there, you are more than welcome. God bless.

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  3. Aww! This was sooo sweet of you to share my story! The words you have expressed prove to me that God really is behind all of this and that people are really being blessed. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. They motivate me to continue sharing God’s Word! God bless you Susan!

    Your sister in Christ,
    Evelyn Alcaraz ❤


    • You are so welcome! Continue to follow your heart and after the things God has in store for you! I look forward to following you on your journey!

      Your Sister in Christ as well,
      Susan Woodward


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