This Ain’t No Pre-School


WOWBack To School Already!  

And once again, this year Austin and McKenzie will be together in School.

But this ain’t no preschool…nor is it the joyful years of elementary school. This is Tough…Life Changing…and Scary…MIDDLE SCHOOL!

And as much as I’d like to be at ease and think “oh, we got this.”  I know that, “we are far from getting anything on our own.”  I am so glad we know who holds their futures and who controls the plans for their lives.  (just as He does our other children)  We have been there and done that  (The Middle School Years) three other times…and believe me when I say…We are far from being pro’s!!  As a matter of fact, I have had to tweak my prayers quite a bit over the years. lol  And I have spent, and will continue to spend many times on my knees…


The IMPORTANCE of Having a Prayer to Pray Over Them Daily will Never be Tweaked….Because The NEED to Pray…will Never Change!!!

 I will Always Pray For My Children.

(I encourage you to also have a prayer for your children. No matter what their age….Pray, Pray and Pray some more

At this moment…this is my PRAYER for my Middle Schoolers.


Please help Austin & Kenzie to know that you are walking the halls with them and sitting next to them in class. When they are confronted with fear, or struggle, help them to feel your presence and know they are never alone!  Help them to remember that no matter what the circumstance or situation that they can always call on You!

Lord, guide their words and their actions as they make new friends and interact with new teachers and staff. I pray their minds remain open and ready to learn. Help them to understand that hard, honest work honors YOU, the one who created them.

Give their teachers patience, direction, wisdom and creativity. And then give them even more patience! Lord bless them for their teaching efforts and make them successful at what they do.  

Help my children to always be kind, honest, and unselfish. Let them love others that may be different from them. I pray they choose wisely, but Lord, help to guide friends into their circle, who know and love you too.

Let your light shine! Help them to have boldness when needed and speak from their wisdom of you. Let their hearts be known as a follower of yours. Please Lord, create opportunities for them to share you with others…and more than anything….protect them from situations that could detour them from their walk with you.

Help them to LOVE You, Others and Themselves….In that order!

Cover their school with protection ~a protection that only you can give. And as I wait….I pray you lead them safely home!

Lord, we give them to you every day, but as they start this New School Year, we are once again entrusting them into your tender care.

Thank you Lord for your goodness and your promises! 

And thank you for allowing us to be their parents. It is our honor to cover them in prayer…helps us to always bring you glory in the decisions that we make in parenting them.  

We need you and your wisdom, to do our very best in “training them up in the way they should go”. (Proverbs 22:6)  May they continue to grow up serving you.

Lord, we promise to always give you the glory for the great things that are in the works for them.  

Bless them in school this year and every day in between…

In Jesus Name,5-Verses-to-Pray-Over-Your-Kids(pp_w1200_h1200)


4 thoughts on “This Ain’t No Pre-School

  1. Lovely prayer and so necessary. In one of the schools my children were at they had a mother’s prayer group that met before school every morning – they prayed for all aspects of the school. However, I agree with you, it is a mother’s duty to pray for her children wherever they are in life.
    How does your school system work? What age are they when they go to middle school and how many years do they spend in elementary school?

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    • The County schools are 6, 7th and 8th grade middle school. Our youngest daughter will soon be turning 11 and is in 6th. Our youngest son 12 now is in 7th. It’s definitely our responsibility to train them up in the way they should go….but it also takes a village in raising the children of this generation for sure! Hope you’re having a wonderful day! Thanks for reading!


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