Why Settle For Ordinary?

Why settle for Ordinary when the Lord equips us to be Extraordinary!

To be ordinary mean’s that nothing unusual is happening in you or around you. Nothing different, special or impressive is stirring within you or experienced by others through your words or actions. Children of God should never seem ordinary….for they possess something deep within them that’s far greater than ordinary!!

I know, life is full of many “ordinary moments.” It’s easy to stay fixed on regular days, our comfortable surroundings and in our own little boxes. If we rest too long in the ordinary, and we are not seeking the Lord first in our lives, we can become quickly drained and unsatisfied. We can become passive with our thoughts and actions and easily loose focus on moving towards any goal or dream. If the ordinary is what we grow costume too than how could we possibly envision ourselves doing anything extraordinary?  We would quickly loose motivation and get ourselves stuck in a rut. This would eventually lead us to loose determination and the ability to reach not only our small goals, but the goals and visions that are kingdom building!

Living a kind of “ordinary life” comes when we are relying on ourselves!  Rely on God! You can change your ordinary!

Extraordinary living is what the Lord has intended for us, as we seek Him daily to help us fulfill daily goals and Big Visions! He allows us to go beyond what’s ordinary, comfortable or usual. He can equip us to do ALL THINGS through Him. Don’t settle for ordinary when He can show you how to live extraordinarily through His direction, guidance and power. He will greatly enhance your every effort!

Ask the Lord to help you see yourself through His eyes. He sees you as unstoppable! He sees you as beautiful, worthy, and chosen! You can go far beyond what is usual with Him on your side. Step out of the box. Take a step closer to Him and towards goals and dreams placed in your heart.  Trust that He has given you amazing abilities to reach beyond what’s customary. Have a dream? Lost one? Get it back! Claim it once again and allow the Lord to direct your path in fulfilling it.

Having a life with Him as your savior is extraordinary in itself! Hold onto each of His promises and have faith that He sees you far more equipped than you will ever see yourself. So allow Him to continue to mold you as you seek Him. He will use every ounce of you that you freely give to Him….so why not give Him all?

Today! End Your Ordinary!
Claim what He sees in You!
Dream. Reach. Move.
Live life through Him to the fullest!
Live Extraordinary!